Market Place



For entrepreneurs who have a vendors network, digitizing it is no longer just a way to expand their business, but, as recent history has shown, it can be the only way to save it. But how do you bring together a variety of businesses and therefore a wide number of customers, without taking on the hustle of managing large and complex inventories?

With the Magento 2 Evozon Marketplace Extension you can convert your store into an online shopping mall with as many independent vendors as you like. And, while you can delegate the product, order and shipment management to them, you can stay focused on promoting your marketplace and growing revenue by attracting new vendors and, through them, new customers.

Key features

• Multiple vendors under the same umbrella – supporting infinite scaling for your business

• Multiple product types including simple products, products with variations, product sets

• Product catalogs can be easily created and updated through import/ export functionalities

• Full control over your vendors’ catalogs through approve/ reject/ pending options

• Order management delegated to each vendor: they have access and can process only their orders, while performing any associated action, from invoicing to shipping, return and refund.

• Custom notifications for both Admin and vendors whenever relevant actions are undertaken

• Custom promotions engine

• Full transparency for customers, who know at all times what vendor handles their order and what to expect in terms of shipping costs and return policies.


What makes the Evozon Marketplace Extension stand out is the absolute commitment to high quality code standards, which guarantees a future-proof platform regardless of the scalability needs.

Built on top of Magento 2 Open Source, our solution integrates all the out-of-the-box ecommerce features that Magento has consolidated for many years now, but upgrades it with all the particular flows that a multi-vendor platform requires. On top of this, we make sure to keep the solution up to date with the latest Magento 2 version. Whether your need is a ready-to-use platform or a solid foundation for your particular business flows, we team up with you so that we understand your business and we work together to translate your objectives and current processes into valuable functionalities for the marketplace. Combining our Business Analysis and development expertise, we will offer the consultancy you need and we will cover for every question you might have, from marketplace set up and vendor enrollment, to customer engagement and satisfaction.

Extended features’ description


• Manages how any of the landing pages looks like and can configure options such as slider, banner, banner content, button label, icons, and more
• Offers multi-currency & multilingual support
• Can create vendor accounts
• Can set the status of the vendor profiles as Enable/Pending/Disable
• Manages the vendor profile page settings
• Has the possibility to set a different commission per vendor, using an advanced commissioning module
• Manages the business via an admin dashboard
• Uses various business reports, related to different sales, product, customers, marketing parameters and more
• Uses all the reports built for each vendor, for a vendor level activity management purpose
• Protects the quality of the marketplace`s content through full control over product categories creation
• Can view the list of unapproved vendor products and can perform individual or mass approval
• Can view the product details for product approval
• Can view, approve or reject a vendor`s newly created or modified product
• Benefits from automatically updated product statutes, depending on the vendor status (pending, enabled, rejected, disabled)
• Can mass edit product information
• Manages the catalog by using auto-generated and custom SKUs, considering the need of each vendor`s ‘individualization
• Configures low stock notifications for vendors
• Can limit the number of products added to cart by one customer in order to prevent sudden out of stock scenarios
• Can allow vendors to manage related, up-sell and cross-sell products from their panel
• Can create products on vendors’ behalf
• Receives events-triggered notifications within the platform (pending vendors needing approval, vendors` new or modified products, new orders and reviews)
• Manages email templates that are sent to both vendors and customers
• Manages taxes based on zip code, region, country
• Performs bulk product upload
• Sets tier prices for a customer group
• Creates promotions/discounts at catalog and cart level on vendors’ behalf
• Sets fixed rate shipment and free shipping threshold on vendors’ behalf
• Makes use of the MSI (multi-source inventory) feature
• Manages vendor reviews
• Can manage product reviews for a vendor account
• Can manage product questions for a vendor account
• Manipulates filter enhancements by using date and time filters on both customer (generic) orders and split orders


• Have an interactive vendor dashboard in a separate vendor panel
• Have a separate vendor profile
• Register from storefront
• Have a separate vendor’s product catalog
• Benefit from SEO-friendly vendor pages
• Have multiple product types at their disposal (Simple, Bundle, Grouped, Downloadable, Virtual, Configurable)
• Perform CRUD operations for products from their grids
• Organize the product catalog via automatically generated unique SKUs as well as custom SKUs
• Benefit from the automatically generated URL`s like product, profile, categories
• Can add sample URL, link sample URL and link URL for downloadable products
• Can configure products with available details (attributes)
• Can add videos along with product images when creating a new product in the Marketplace
• Can list children products and their prices in a dropdown list within the parent product page and allow selection from the dropdown
• Can perform mass delete of products in own product list
• Can mass edit products and attributes
• Manage product reviews
• Manage product questions submitted by customers
• Get low stock notification if the option is enabled by admin
• Set own low stock thresholds
• Make use of products bulk upload via import capabilities, using a csv. file
• Benefit from catalog export capabilities for faster and easier product updates, using a csv. file
• Set discounts and promotions at catalog and cart level for own products
• Generate coupons for customers
• Can set-up up-sell, cross-sell, related-to relationships for products
• Have complete order management capabilities (invoice, credit memo, shipment)
• Can limit the number of products added to cart by one customer in order to prevent sudden out of stock scenarios
• Manage order fulfillment easily and transparently only for own products via split customer order feature
• Can easily manage the order without needing admin`s approval by using automatic order approval
• Can add carrier and tracking numbers for orders
• Set shipping fee and free shipping threshold
• Manage product return requests created by customers, via Return Management feature
• Can manage product stock
• Can export orders in csv. format
• Can filter orders by order ID, date, time and status in vendor’s order history page.
• Have access to sales, products reports and many more, to track success of the business
• Benefit from an account-based restricted permission for each vendor, who has access only to his own products, reviews, product questions, orders and returns
• Receive events-triggered notifications within the platform (account and product approval, order placement, returns creation)


• Can view the vendor profile page
• Can refine the search process by using the vendor filter in layered navigation
• Can run advanced product search using the name of the product
• Can filter product lists by vendor
• Benefit from Wishlist feature if logged-in
• Have Q&A for products at their disposal
• Can post product reviews
• Enjoy a fluid customer experience when adding products from different vendors to the same cart
• Use multiple coupons in cart and benefit from the associated price discounts
• Make use of split order view (minicart, cart, checkout, my account- order history) enabling the customer to see each product listing separated per vendor, together with all taxes applied for the respective products
• Can choose from multiple payment methods available: cash on delivery, bank transfer, check (money order), online by card
• Can initialize product return and request a total or partial refund
• Can post vendor reviews
• Benefit from multi-currency & multilingual support
• Experience a GDPR compliant navigation and purchase journey